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About Future Blends

Future Blends was founded in the UK in 2012 out of a consortium brought together to compete in a UK-government funded competition, the ‘Pyrolysis Challenge’. Funded initially by the UK-based Carbon Trust, Future Blends formed in order to develop novel IP in and around the pyrolysis technology area. The early expectation was to provide a focus on two technology areas:

  • Fast Pyrolysis
  • Upgrading of pyrolysis oils to produce transportation fuels

Future Blends is based at a purpose built laboratory and office near Oxford, UK, where a strong and experienced international team has been operating its bench and pilot plants to drive the technology forward supported by a network of partners.

Having developed novel solutions in the pyrolysis and upgrading areas, Future Blends is now moving into building relationships with potential partners across the advanced biofuels and biochemical space, including feedstock, technology, engineering and users of pyroil/advanced biofuels. Future Blends has a strongly collaborative approach to development, and is actively seeking opportunities to share knowhow and support organisations which could benefit from accessing our technology rigs, laboratory analytical facilities and deep scientific knowhow.

In summer 2016 Future Blends was acquired by Next BTL LLC and is now focusing on accelerating into deployment its suite of technologies.

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