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At the heart of our process technologies is a deep understanding of pyrolysis as an efficient way of rapidly converting biomass to ‘bio-oil’, a building block in creating advanced transportation fuels. Our R&D centre in Abingdon is working on developing significant improvements to current pyrolysis solutions, bringing cost reductions to the process and accessing a wider range of potential applications by producing a more stable bio-oil. This, in conjunction with exciting novel solutions developed for upgrading the resultant pyrolysis oil, represents a major breakthrough in the potential for converting bio-oil to transportation fuels such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel.

IP has been created in the pyrolysis process, and in the upgrading area.

What is fast pyrolysis?

Fast pyrolysis involves the heating of biomass for a few seconds at a temperature of 400-500 degrees C in a reactor in the absence of oxygen. The process turns the biomass into gas and a solid material, char. The gas is cooled rapidly and condensed into a liquid which we call 'bio-oil' or 'pyroil'. Some 70-75% of the feedstock is transformed into a liquid via this process.

Biomass-derived pyroil is a renewable form of energy in its own right, and has applications in the generation of power and heat. Further processing can create higher value products which can be used as feedstocks in the oil and biochemical sectors, and Future Blends have created further IP in these areas.

Ultimately these building blocks can be upgraded to transportation fuels which can be blended into existing fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, and this represents the other major activity area of Future Blends.

Future Blends is developing its technological solutions to work on a wide range of biomass feedstocks.

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